How to create API on Binance

1. After logging into the Binance account, click [API Management] in the user center drop-down box. After entering the API management page, set an API key (ie API name), and click [Create].


* Security Tip: Before creating the API, you need to bind 2 Factor Authentication (2FA) method.

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2. Click [Send Code], enter “E-mail verification code” and “Google verification code or Phone verification code”, then click [Submit] to create an API.

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3. Remember to store your Secret Key somewhere safe. It will not be shown again. Due to security reasons, please do not share this key with anyone. (If you forget the Secret Key, you will need to delete the API then re-create a new one.)

NOTE: Click [Edit restrictions] 1st before you can check; – Enable Margin + Permits Universal Transfer box. Don’t forget to save new settings!!